AppValley Download for iOS 16 (iPhone, iPad, 2023)

AppValley is a well-designed 3rd party app store for iOS with thousands of applications. It gives 100% access to games, tweaks, premium non-jailbroken apps, and much more!


It is now available for download on both iPhone and iPad devices. It also smoothly supports Apple’s latest iOS 16 updates.

Install AppValley

AppValley Setup Information:

The AppValley app is designed under the utilities/installer category. You can choose either of the file types of .plist or Mobileconfig.

App NameAppValley
File type.plist or .mobileconfig
Minimum RequirementiOS 10
Installs2 Million+
LanguageEnglish (US)

AppValley Features:

  • No more Jailbreaking: AppValley gives you access to over 1000 options, which help bypass jailbreaking.
no need to jailbreak app valley
  • Safety at the Core: The app has designs with privacy and protection as its top priorities. It designs to deal with digital threats and guarantees high performance with its safety features in the app.
safety of app valley
  • User-friendly Interface, Simplicity at its Best: AppValley has a simple and user-friendly interface that enables users to have a comfortable experience. It maps with many helpful tips that help the user to have a smooth interaction.
user friendly interface
  • Thousands of Apps and Games: AppValley houses over 1000 apps to suit your needs. It gives access to games, tweaks, entertainment, and much more.
apps and games
  • Supports latest iOS Versions: AppValley is no barrier to your iOS updates. It regularly improves its functionalities and UI to suit customer needs. It is now compatible with Apple’s latest iOS 16 updates.

App Categories on AppValley:


Access an exclusive list of best-ranked apps handpicked by editors at AppValley. They base the rankings on trending and the latest hot topics in the app world.

featured apps

Tweaked Apps:

Break all limitations and enhance your experience with AppValley’s selection of tweaked apps. Customize your interface, improve functionality, and go crazy with all the extended features we offer.

tweaked apps

Recommended This Week:

With “Recommended this week,” the AppValley team brings you a list of apps buzzing this week for all the right reasons! From free trials to discounted offers and so much more, be the first to know what’s best to go for in your week.

recommended apps

Jailbreaking Apps:

AppValley covers all your needs so you can bypass jailbreaking. However, if you still wish to go pro yourself, we’ve got you covered! Help yourselves to a list of jailbreaking tools and apps on AppValley and break all your device barriers.

jailbreaking tools appvalley

Streaming Apps:

Skip typical and traditional streaming apps and explore options of entertainment in real time! Please browse through our list of exclusive apps with excellent streaming services and enjoy your shows like never.

streaming apps appvalley


AppValley gives access to hundreds of high-quality games with features never seen before to every gamer’s delight. Browse through the gaming apps list and get ready for an exciting chapter in your gaming life.

appvalley tweaked games

Movies on iOS:

AppValley now extends a wide range of films to your device. A multitude of entertainment is just a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Safe and Trustworthy?

AppValley houses over a thousand apps and tweaks which use unique SSL Encryption to make it 100% safe. The developers invest in R&D, enabling them to monitor, test, and upgrade AppValley regularly.

Do I have to Jailbreak to use AppValley?

No, AppValley has enabled users to bypass jailbreaking. Downloading AppValley is like downloading any other apps to your device. Installing it does not result in a void of your device’s warranty, either.

Is there any Virus containing Apps?

Constant monitoring and testing assure that your device stays safe from harmful viruses. The developer’s expertise helps protect your device from malware, spyware, and more in the long run.

Why should you use a VPN?

Apple actively identifies enterprise certificates used by the public. Because of that, it opens the possibility of your AppValley downloads getting revoked by Apple. To avoid this, we suggest using the best VPN app for iOS or a local DNS server to prevent your apps/tweaks from getting revoked.

What are the Alternatives?

We’ve got a lot, but you may want more! So here’s a list of other iOS App Stores for you to try if needed.

  1. CokernutX: As a new player in the 3rd party app installer market, CokernutX has impressive features. It allows the installation of .ipa files of apps and stops them from being revoked. It also has methods of self-signing unofficial games and apps on your device using Apple ID.
  2. Panda Helper: Panda Helper lets users download unofficial apps that rarely get accepted into the App Store. Making Panda Helper a go-to option if you need a unique feature on your device.
  3. Ignition App: Excellent alternative option for Cydia iOS users. Ignition App is an unofficial app installer that gives thousands of apps, tweaks, and game emulators exclusive features. Most of them are not available in the App Store.
  4. TutuApp: One of the oldest app installers for iOS, offering various kinds of apps, tweaks, and more. Apart from the full range of options, Tutu is also well known for its Android versions’ compatibility.

What are the Popular Apps and Games available on AppValley?

  1. Clash of Clans Hack: Gain access to unlimited Gold and gems with the newest upgrade to the game! AppValley brings you the premium version of the COC Hack app to enjoy a great experience with your favorite game.
  2. Phoenix Jailbreak: This is a user-friendly jailbreaking tool that helps older ios version users to get the best from their devices. This tool will then install Cydia onto the operating system to download apps and tweaks from this.
  3. iNDS Emulator: Play Nintendo games on your iPhone / iPad without jailbreaking! AppValley gives 100% free access to download this emulator directly onto your devices without hassle. Just a few minutes of your time, and all your Nintendo favorites will be accessible on your iOS devices.

Is AppValley 100% FREE?

AppValley is 100% free of charge if you go for the standard subscription, including all the bells and whistles. That’s why it is the smart and 1st choice of many 3rd party app stores in the market. If you want to go for VIP access, you can do it too, but you need to pay a few bucks.

Can it void my Warranty?

It does not require you to jailbreak your devices. Hence you don’t violate any of their terms, preventing Apple from voiding your device’s warranty. However, AppValley does contain some features and tweaks from Cydia, such as jailbreaking, that may give reasons to void your warranty. We suggest removing these tweaks and features for added guarantee.

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