AppValley for iOS 14 ( Installation Guide ) 2021

AppValley Installation process is easy. We will provide you with every installation instruction on installing it on every single iOS 14 ( iPhone, iPad ) devices.

appvalley ios 14

Currently, AppValley only available for iOS devices, and developers will hope to provide an Android version with similar features to the iOS version in the future. You can keep in touch with us to get more information about it.

Configuration Profile

How to Install AppValley on iOS 14 ?

A limitless iOS experience, just a few steps away!

  1. Go to the Safari browser; Visit and Tap the install button to get AppValley’s configuration profile to start the downloading process.
  2. Click “Allow” on the pop-up tab, which appears on the screen.
  3. Go to the Settings menu on your device and select “Profile downloaded.”appvalley ios profile
  4. In the “Profile downloaded” section, select the AppValley profile and tap “Install.”install appvalley profile
  5. Sometimes it’ll ask to enter the passcode on your iOS device. Provide it and complete the installation process.

How to fix Untrusted Developer Error?

  1. Click on the AppValley icon on your home screen.
  2. Please pay attention to the developer’s name that appears in the pop-up tab, as you will need it later. Then click “cancel.”untrusted developer error
  3. Access “Settings” and then click “General settings.” Click on “Profile” after this.
  4. Find and select the profile with the developer’s name. (as seen in step 02)
  5. Tap the “Trust” button twice to complete the download developer

Voila! AppValley downloaded and ready to go!

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